055 Managing to Self-Interest – Part Two – Finding Meaning in Work

Who are you wanting to become as a person and how are you using your job to become that? In this episode, we are going to explore how you relate to your job and why this matters in terms of healthy self-interest. We are also going to take this thought process one step further by exploring why meaning trumps money for your younger employees and what you can do to help them become fully engaged in what they do for your business. This is the second episode in our thought-provoking series on managing to self-interest and you won’t want to miss it!


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This episode is from a recent weekly member webcast. Members get a ton of different ways to become better professionals, including attendance to the live courses I teach. Beginning January 11, 2018, I’ll begin teaching an eleven week course called How to Manage and Be Managed: The Missing Manual.


Management is like parenting: many people do it and they mostly have no idea what they’re doing, but they somehow make it work. The result? Stress, wheel-spinning, overwhelm, and millions of dollars in lost opportunity.


This course is the missing manual?what we all should have been taught in high school. Forget everything you’ve learned about management. You don’t have to “motivate” your employees. You don’t need to “empower” them. And you definitely shouldn’t be “supervising” them.


The course trains you in the basics of the Clear and Open Model for management. Increase engagement and productivity, eliminate supervision and wasted resources. It’s a counter-intuitive approach I’ve been training leaders in one-on-one for over fifteen years, offered now for the first time as an affordable course. While the course is about training management skill, it’s also perfect for non-managers because it gives employees what they need to understand what a manager is doing with them and why it’s in their best interest to help.


For more information about the course, please go to clearandopen.com/how-to-manage

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