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042 Departing From Reality pt1 – A Denial of Reality

This episode begins a four-part series about our relationship to reality. It’s easy to see that we humans have a push-pull relationship with reality. In each of us is a deep desire to know the truth, and in many moments we run from it. Your life, your work, and ideally your dreams happen in reality. What if being able to track when and how you depart from reality was key to your fulfillment?


This episode is from a recent weekly member webcast. 


041 Listening To Life’s Lessons

Businesses grow when people do. And one of the most important predictors of your ability to grow as a person is your relationship to pain. What is your relationship to pain? Do you have the strength to embrace it? To investigate it? What if your ability to learn from life’s lessons is entirely dependent on your relationship with pain?


This episode is from a recent weekly member webcast.


040 Principles of Right Speech pt2 – Timing and Reception

Think your people don’t listen to you? Think again. There’s no power in whining about people not listening. There is power in working to improve your communication so that people are more likely to hear you. This is the second and final part on the Buddha’s four principles of right speech, and it is universal to serve anyone, but especially managers.


This episode is from a recent weekly member webcast. 


039 Principles of Right Speech pt1 – Truth and Usefulness

Leaders and managers I talk to constantly complain their people don’t listen to them. But paradoxically often the case is they’re listening quite carefully, and it’s the manager who’s not communicating well. Your people hang on your every word, whether you realize it or not, so choosing those words carefully is critical. What if you have more power than you realize to get your people to listen? Making speech a mindfulness practice is the path to discovering this. This is part one of a two part series on the principles of right speech.

This episode is from a recent weekly member webcast. 


038 Being Bigger Than Your Shadow Pt. 4 – Receiving vs. Believing Feedback

This episode is the fourth and final part of our series on being bigger than your shadow. You’ve probably had the experience that someone knew you better than you knew yourself, yet taking in feedback from others can be difficult, especially when it doesn’t fit with your self-image or your conscious intentions. How do you take advantage of the wisdom that others can offer you without selling out on your own truth? Listen to find out more.


This episode is from a recent weekly member webcast.


037 Being Bigger Than Your Shadow Part 3 – Beyond Struggle and Frustration

This episode is part three in the being bigger than your shadow series. We don’t like struggling and being frustrated, so why is there so much of it? What if your shadow is not only okay with struggle, but actually seeks to maintain it? Why would that be and what can you do about it? Not only your problems, but the quality of your entire life may hang in the balance.

This episode is from a recent weekly member webcast.


036 Being Bigger Than Your Shadow Pt. 2 – Showing Your Shadow Who’s Boss

This episode is part two in our series on how to be bigger than your shadow. Many people hear the unproductive beliefs in their head throughout the day and think they’re taking the high road by just looking the other way. But you notice the thoughts and sometimes behaviors don’t go away just by you ignoring them. How do you show your shadow who’s boss in a way that creates real change?

This episode is from a recent weekly member webcast.


035 Being Bigger Than Your Shadow Pt. 1 – The Beliefs of Your Shadow

Shadow is a term used to encapsulate our unconscious motives and hidden agendas. Everyone has a shadow, and it’s usually the root of all your problems, because it maintains, even creates your problems in ways that are completely off your radar.

This episode begins a four part series on how to be bigger than your shadow, the basis of creating any kind of change. All of western philosophy is founded on the ancient idea, “Know thyself.” But how do you know the corners of your unconscious that get you into trouble so often, and what do you do when you find something?

This episode is from a recent weekly member webcast.


034 How To Help People Be Helpable

This episode is short, sweet and gives you some very simple ways to help anyone more effectively. Have you ever had the experience that someone asks you for help and then they don’t use what you give them? Get ready to never have that experience again, because you’re going to discover what you’re doing to support that behavior, and what to do instead.


033 Leadership vs. Supervision

People have hated managers for as long as work has existed. But what if the issue is not inherent in the manager role, but rather the way billions of people for thousands of years have related to it? In this episode, you’re going to learn the single most important thing for any manager to learn: the difference between management and supervision. And the result, determines whether your people hate you or love you. Keep Listening. This concept is part of the core of Clear and Open’s teachings, and I’m very excited to offer it to you.