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009 Heart-Centering Part 4: Knowing vs. Becoming Who You Are

This episode is part four of the series on heart-centering. This series is made up of excerpts from the Open To Excellence course available to Clear and Open Members. To find out how to join the conversation and become a member, go to clearandopen.com. What if being too sure about who you are is exactly what’s in your way? If it’s the design of Life that you must evolve to have your dreams come true, then being too sure of who you are could be your obstacle. How do you hold that loosely? How can you use not-knowing to get where you want to go, or find out where you want to go?

008 Heart-Centering Part 3: The Guilt of Success

This episode continues the heart-centering theme of the last two episodes and deconstructs guilt, a pervasive theme in our society often not seen for what it is. This is another excerpt from the Live, Open To Excellence Course currently in progress. Many people use guilt as a kind of fuel-source without realizing it. It’s sort of like running your car on a mix of gas and oil. It’ll work, but it’s limited and can have some serious side-effects. Discover how guilt and unhealthy caretaking may be unconsciously holding you back, and a deeper place to fuel your excellence from. To find out how to join the conversation and become a member, go to clearandopen.com. Thanks for listening!

007 Heart-Centering Part 2: Listening To Your Heart-Centered Goals

Today’s episode continues the conversation from episode six. There’s plenty of information and teaching out there about creating goals and that’s useful. What tends to get left behind, though, is the heart-centered dreams that were always there. They don’t need to be created so much as uncovered. If the Clear part of goals is creating your plans, this episode is about the Open part we usually leave behind–expressing the desires and compulsions that have always been in your heart. It’s a journey deeper into yourself so you can find your path through the world. Here we go.

006 Heart-Centering Part 1: Freedom To vs. Freedom From

Everybody knows they “should” have goals, but few know how to do it well, so most avoid it. What’s the difference between pursuing the absence of a negative and pursuing the presence of a positive? The distinction has the power to change your life. What if you’re so concerned with pushing away bad, that you’re not focused on the good? Many people live their entire lives needlessly stuck in this kind of survival mentality. Let’s dive into the conversation.

002 Listening From Your Highest Attention

What if ten times more information were available to you than you realized in any moment? How can a manager hear between the lines of what people say to extrapolate how they’re operating? It’s a skill that takes time to learn, and it starts with some basic principles that you can implement right away. Today another segment from a recent leader webcast, where we discuss some of the principles of extreme listening and how you can use it to gain X-Ray vision.