Conclusion: Waking Up – Part 2 – The Shame Dynamic

In the last episode, I asked a question: What universal, daily part of the human experience is irrefutable proof of how deluded human beings are?

The answer is dreams – we all dream, and while we’re dreaming, we usually buy into that reality. Then we wake up and we’re confronted with a contradictory reality.

But despite the fact that we experience this delusion every morning, we go through the day assuming that our mind couldn’t possibly have the capacity to fool us while we’re awake; we assume to know who we are, how life works, and that tomorrow will be just like today.

But if we look back at the evidence we have from our own lifetimes and all of recorded history, what’s really real is that reality is constantly changing and constantly telling us, as individuals and as a society, that we’re wrong.

However, we don’t like being wrong, and when reality holds us accountable by showing us we’re wrong, we often feel shame. So today, we’ll start to explore this complex dynamic between ourselves, reality, and shame.

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