Desirable Difficulty – Part 1 – Make it Stick

How engaged were you in school?

When you were taught a new principle in class and then given a homework assignment to do before the next class, were you engaged?

What if, instead, you were assigned the homework first? What if you were asked to do something really difficult, something that challenges your ability to think critically and solve problems? You would probably fail and you probably wouldn’t enjoy it – and you would probably be a lot more engaged in the learning process.

It might not be as easy as the way we are usually taught things. In fact, it might be downright unenjoyable. But there is a level of difficulty that is desirable if you want to develop and grow as a human being.

So, over the next four episodes, we’ll be exploring this concept of desirable difficulty and why we are likely all being disserviced by the increasing convenience of society.

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