Business without Busyness – Part 2 – The Minimum Effective Dose

In the last episode, I made what may seem like a bold claim: busyness very well may be what destroys us as a species

But I’m not exaggerating. Busyness makes you stupid; It clutters your mind, and when your mind is cluttered, you don’t think as effectively, you’re not as conscious, you’re not as aware, and you don’t take as good care of yourself. 

We’re all just doing doing doing. It’s not healthy and it’s easy to see. There’s some acknowledgement of this in society today, as there’s an increasing trend towards scheduling time for self-care, but even that can be seen as a construct of our capitalist system designed to maximize the amount of time we feel like we are being busy and productive.

So, today, we’re going to explore why our relationship with busyness and time is not just ineffective but also unnatural – and how, ultimately, this causes many people to get stuck in thrival, without ever reaching a state of flow.

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