Managing with Inquiry 101 – Part 3 – Knowledge, Skill, & Awareness

In the last episode, I shared a conversation about how our education system is built on the knowledge deficit model. It’s the idea that whatever problem only exists because you’re missing some knowledge.

So, later in our lives, when we bump into a problem — whether it’s a problem with the world around us or ourselves — we first try to solve it by finding that little piece of knowledge that we’re missing. We look for blogs, podcasts, and books, accumulating knowledge just like we were trained to do in school.

But, eventually, after reality punishes us enough for our misguided beliefs about the world or ourselves, we wake up, we take the red pill — and now we’re ready to actually learn something!

You have to have this willingness to face reality before you can truly make inquiry a practice, and in this episode, you’ll learn more about why good managers need to sit in this space and how you can do that.

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