Deep Practice – Part 3 – The Talent Myth

There’s probably no better argument against the very idea that talent exists than a talent show. Similar to the idea of an “overnight success,” we are really only seeing the byproduct of hours and hours of effort, failure, and persistence.

Yet, our practical mind, audacious as it is, manages to convince us that the practice required to become “talented” or “an overnight success” isn’t rewarding. Finding what you’re talented at and pursuing that sounds so ideal, and the reality that these people are just well-practiced forces us to confront the difficult path to attaining what we want, whatever that is.

So, you could say that deep practice has a branding problem. Being talented is just a sexier idea than being well-practiced. But, with a little bit of perspective, which I hope this episode helps you find, you can see how much more special it is to develop a skill or develop as a person through hours and hours of deep practice.

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