Navigating Resistance – Part 3 – You Don’t Choose Life’s Lessons

Life is your teacher, and life doesn’t care about how happy you are. Life doesn’t care about how comfortable you are. Life is fundamentally about your resistance to change, and it is conspiring with the universe to push you towards embracing, looking at, and healing your resistance to change.

So, if you are experiencing significant suffering or pain, pay attention — that’s life providing feedback and trying to teach you. And as I have mentioned throughout this series, you are not qualified to turn your nose up at the solution a teacher offers if you don’t try it. So that pain is an invitation to get honest with yourself about your resistance. The earlier and more actively you do this, the less pain you will have to experience.

After you’re done with this episode, I recommend going back to episodes 206 through 209, which is a series focused on embracing being tested. It will provide you with a useful frame through which you can view the challenges that life presents to you, and that is a valuable tool for navigating resistance.

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