How You’ve Been Conditioned to Think Unclearly – Part 1 – Subjectivity Vs. Objectivity

This series on how you’ve been conditioned to think unclearly comes from a course that I started last year called CLEAR Thinking. My goal with both the course and this series is to show you how to wake up to reality and begin to understand how your mind works…and how it doesn’t work so well.

This series begins by examining the tension between objectivity and subjectivity that occurs as a result of both the nature of the human brain and cultural conditioning. Your mind is constantly filtering its experience (an inherently subjective activity) to validate what it already thinks is true (an assertion of objectivity), resulting in a positive feedback loop of, well, delusion.

So how do we get around that? The answer to that question is the core of our discussion on today’s episode.

As an added note, we start this episode by talking about managing with inquiry. If you aren’t familiar with this concept or you need to brush up, you can go back to episode 236 for a crash course on what Managing With Inquiry means.

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