Engaging in Disengagement – Part 4 – Surrendering to Life

In the last episode, I introduced the concept of engaging with disengagement (to both you and myself, at the time).

And that’s not just a step towards getting what you want — that process of inquiry, that working on why you’re not working on something, is what you really need. The journey is the destination. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to see that when you’re still early in the journey, but my goal with releasing this coaching call is to guide you towards that perspective.

Although I can lead you to the water, you still have to choose to drink. Or, at the very least, ask yourself why you’re not drinking when you’re so thirsty.



Also, I’m excited to announce the next upcoming live course called “Meditation For Awakening: How To Get With Reality” that begins April 16. Meditation has never before been so popular, but when things get popular they tend to become dilute.

Meditation offers more benefits than I can name here. It reduces stress, can eliminate anxiety and depression, and when done correctly gives you X-Ray vision into the truth.

But the way most people meditate is like visiting a new country and never leaving the airport, and they especially miss out on that X-Ray vision. What’s the impact of not being able to see the truth? Just the vast majority of your problems, that’s all. 

If you’ve been listening to my webcasts, you’ve experienced that I have a unique way of getting to the heart of things. That’s the X-Ray vision meditation has given me, and there’s a version of it waiting for you to have as well. Will you let me help you find it? What will your version of deep wisdom and insight look like? I really want to know, don’t you? It’s closer than you think.

Are you intrigued? To learn more go to clearandopen.com/meditation-for-awakening



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