Consciousness and Conditioning – Part 3 – Deconstructing Your Consciousness

In the last two episodes, we discussed how your identity consists of your conditioning — and why the conditioning that most of us received was inadequate.

So, why do we cling so tightly to this conditioning, even institutionalizing it? Because, deep down, we’re afraid of losing who we are. This is a reasonable response from your lizard brain, but it’s holding you back from evolving your consciousness, which is really my goal with Clear and Open.

The pursuit of consciousness is the lifelong pursuit of deconstructing who you are and what you believe so that you can cast away all that isn’t true — it’s hard, it’s uncomfortable, and it’s necessary if you want to break free of the prison you’ve built around yourself and live a full life.

I also want to remind you that this episode comes from the CLEAR Thinking course. If you want to take this extra time at home as an opportunity to stop floating through life and start living intentionally, you can find the full 11-week coaching seminar at

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