COVID-19, Your Ego, & You – Part 2 – The Context for COVID

In the last episode, I asked a question: What happens if you experience your experience from something other than ego?

If you think about all of the things we don’t know about what the future holds, about how things will (or, unfortunately, won’t) change as parts of the world re-open amid still-growing COVID-19 cases, and you experience that through our egoic reaction, then you will probably experience some degree of fear and anxiety. For some, that anxiety and fear of the unknown can be crippling.

But if you find the center of that “I don’t know,” if you take away the content of a possible future — a future that, if nothing else, this pandemic has taught us is unpredictable — and sit in not knowing, you can move past the egoic emotion to find a sense of calm.

That’s why I view this time as a spiritual opportunity for so many, and in this episode, we’ll explore what happens when you make this spiritual transition and why our recent shared experiences create an opportune environment to do so.

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