How Everything Is True – Part 4 – How to Use CLEAR Thinking in Your Life

To close out this series on How Everything is True, we’re going to make CLEAR Thinking more practical. And to start, I want to break down the term “CLEAR Thinking” a little further. 

CLEAR Thinking is thinking that is critical, logical, evidence-based, analytical, and reality-based. This is serious, productive thinking that actually changes you. This is a valuable skill because literally every single thing you do begins is a thought; thinking is the software that dictates how your biological hardware operates.

So, as you practice CLEAR Thinking, you are better able to control the very thing that controls your actions. And it really is a practice.

That’s why, after you listen to this episode, I challenge you to try the exercise that the students in this class participated in: create an argument in favor of something that you don’t think is true, like the earth being flat, and commit to it. Really put yourself in another person’s shoes.

This will help you meet the people you manage — including yourself — where they are at, and do so with compassion, no matter what their relativistic truth may be or how absurd it may seem to you.

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