Mission Vs. Adventure – Part 3 – Co-Authoring Your Life

In the last episode, I invoked a modern proverb – Life is a journey, not a destination – but you’ve likely heard this at some point earlier in your life, too. Although this is often interpreted as a suggestion to slow down and smell the roses, this helpful saying can also be viewed as a rebuke to the mission mentality that dominates our society, especially in business.

We are too focused on the objective as our goal, in part because we’re conditioned to relate to things at the level of knowledge. So, we fail to see that the transformation we undergo during the journey is more necessary than the actual thing we are trying to achieve.

Now, you may be thinking that I’m trying to persuade you that there is no use for the mission mentality, but that’s not true either.

Today, we’ll delve deeper into the story of Josef and the Lawnmower, and I’ll share the moment when I accepted the call to adventure – and I’ll share why both the ability to adopt a mission mentality AND the ability to identify and accept that call to adventure are important skills for management and self-management.

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