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Be The Change You Want To See

Do you know the goals and dreams of everyone you work with and how they’re using their job to get there? Sound too personal? What if it’s not?

In 2014, Gallup completed a remarkable study on employee engagement that revealed the “dirty secret” of most workplaces: most people only pretend to like their jobs. The findings were:

  • 31.5% of employees are engaged
  • 51% are not engaged
  • 26% are actively disengaged

What if your people are not nearly as engaged as you think? They know they’re supposed to be, but they also want to keep their jobs. How honest can you expect your people to be with you? Do you see the problem? Most employees won’t tell you what they really want and need.

Meanwhile, all of your results are undermined by lack of engagement. The study shows $11 billion is lost annually due to employee turnover, and companies with engaged employees outperform those without by up to 202%.

What were the key drivers of engagement?

  • 80% of employees dissatisfied with their manager were disengaged
  • 70% of employees who lacked confidence in their management team were not engaged

What complete training did you receive on the subject of managing people? If you’re like most people, the answer is not much. You’re doing the best you can! But these numbers show that unfortunately strong efforts and good intentions are not enough. You need training in a complete model for not just what to do as a manager, but how to be. Introducing the Clear and Open Model.

Clear is about having the knowledge and skill to develop your people to become better professionals. It includes things like how to create a plan, use metrics, delegate, set expectations, hold people accountable, and a lot more. It’s about the “doing” part of management.

Open is the personal part of management. It’s about personally engaging with your people’s self-interest so you can help them use their job to achieve their goals. It’s making your people feel safe so they can tell you what they need and want, and listening to them so well that they want to. When people are disengaged, it’s because the manager needs to learn to be more Clear and Open.

The Supervisor
The Supervisor has challenges with being both Clear and Open. They don’t have the skill to professionally develop their people and they’re not personally engaged with them. Someone taught them that a manager is a kind of overseer, a taskmaster: to make sure people do what they’re supposed to. But nobody likes babysitting (usually not even the supervisor), and employees who don’t feel like they’re improving or are cared about become quickly disengaged.

The Friend
The Friend is Open and personally engaged with their people, but not holding them to a high enough standard. Because they’re not Clear enough, they don’t challenge or hold their people accountable in ways that make the work interesting. The Friend focuses too much on relationships, usually needing to be liked, and not enough on the work at hand. They care a lot, but caring alone doesn’t create engagement.

The Trainer
The Trainer is competent just like The Friend cares. Clear comes easily. They have a lot of skill and knowledge, but they have a difficult time connecting with their people personally. The Trainer wants to get to the point and get the job done, and they don’t realize how they leave their people behind emotionally. The Trainer focuses too much on work at the expense of relationships.

The Mentor
The Mentor knows that people ultimately work for themselves. Mentors have the skill and knowledge to train their people in deeply personal ways, related to the goals and dreams of the employees. They foster engagement because they know business is always personal, and people need to discover meaning in what they do. They choose the responsibility to help their people find that meaning.

"Jamie BirchWhen I contacted Josef, I knew that the CEO I was to get my company to our first million dollar year was not the CEO I had to be to get us to 5 and 10 million dollars.  I had to be different, I had to learn new skills, I had to manage my people differently and I had to manage our resources differently.  

His insight was tremendous.  The real proof is in the profits and the comments from my employees.  'You are the best CEO we’ve ever seen you be and the best CEO I’ve ever worked for.'  Comments like those abound since working with Josef."

Jamie Birch Founder and CEO, JEB Commerce

How To Get Clear And Open

When you become a Clear and Open Member, you’re part of the solution to the engagement problem. Whether you’re an individual manager looking to do your part, or a leader pursuing widespread cultural change, it happens one person at a time. When managers grow, they develop others as well. Here’s what you get as a member:

  • Online courses to become a better professional and a better person
  • Private Slack chat to access best practices and peer support, as well as direct feedback from Josef
  • Weekly webcast by Josef for live Q&A, coaching, and special training topics
  • (for CEOs/founders) Leader’s weekly webcast. Get direct coaching from Josef on mentoring, problem-solving, and cultural change.
  • (for CEOs/founders) Leader’s private Slack channel for instant feedback.

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Ask About Team Pricing

Brady Horall"I recently had an opportunity to work with Josef Shapiro in a group setting after working with him individually. His ability to guide instead of dictate creates positive internal mechanisms that can be recalled in times of stress and overwhelm. Sharing his concepts within our group allowed for a unique team building experience and one I would recommend to all organizations."

Brady Horall CEO, Henries Dry Cleaners

Spencer Rosen
"Josef has an uncanny capacity to get to the heart of the matter with people and have them discover what's been holding them back in a way that causes real and lasting change."

Spencer Rosen Founder and CEO, Energy Integrity

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the time commitment?

We know you’re busy, that’s why everything happens at your own pace. Participate as much or as little time as you want. But we also know that sometimes a little pressure is a good thing, so we encourage and facilitate small, accountability groups that keep you motivated and growing. For best results, we recommend the investment of a couple hours per week.

What are the online courses?

You can see the current course catalog here. New courses are added on an ongoing basis.