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Meditation For Awakening

How To Get With Reality

Think You’re In Reality? Think Again.

Limiting beliefs. Unproductive attitudes. False assumptions.

You’ve probably encountered some of these and dealt with them. You’ve seen how they compromise your results and quality of life. Good work! Have you noticed there are always more?

There’s a reason for that.

In each of us is a kind of factory that constantly turns these things out. It tries to keep you safe, but it’s a remnant from the past that you don’t anymore. Some people call it the ego.

Most people deal with the products of the ego, one issue at a time, which is important to learn. But it’s not enough to set you free.

What if instead of dealing with every ego-product that comes to your door, you could cancel your subscription? Wouldn’t that be easier?

It’s possible, if you do the work.

Introducing: Meditation For Awakening

An eleven-week group coaching seminar

Meditation has never been more popular than today. But when things get popular, they often become dilute.

Most people meditate in ways that limit the benefits at best, or at worst cause them to hate it so much they won’t do it.

Meditation has the power to eliminate depression, anxiety, stress, drama, increase energy, fulfillment, productivity and radically transform your life for the better. The most popular meditation apps teach you in ways that are like welding training wheels to a bicycle: they make it accessible at the expense of slowing you down forever.

This course teaches you how to meditate the right way so you don’t need to do it for hours/day to get the benefits, and you’ll get them much faster. You’ll wake up to reality in a way that makes everything easier, and you’ll laugh at yourself for how you were going against the grain.

Enlightenment Is Not Rare

There are two powerfully destructive beliefs about enlightenment. The first is that it’s rare. What if it’s not as unusual as you think? What if you don’t have to live in a monastery and meditate ten hours a day to get there? What if it really could happen for you?

The second is that it’s a singular event. For most people, waking up happens over time. But if you expect it to happen all at once, you’ll feel like you’re never getting anywhere and sabotage your progress.

A Different Approach

When you have a meditation practice based on discovering the truth, you become someone less susceptible to untruth. In short, you’re not swayed by B.S. anymore, yours or anyone else’s. That includes those false assumptions and beliefs that cause so much mayhem. You become immune to falsity.

In short, you learn to ignore your own mind when it’s not helping. Notice I didn’t say “stop the mind.” That’s what most people think meditation is, and they’re misguided. You cannot stop the mind. That’s one of the secrets that you’ll learn in this seminar.

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2020/04/16 09:15:00

In this live group coaching seminar, we’ll cover:

  • The true goal of meditation (it’s not what you think)
  • How to meditate so efficiently you can do it in 15-30 minutes per day
  • How to use inquiry to stop yourself from getting lost in thought
  • How to stop believing thoughts that don’t serve you
  • How to eliminate depression and anxiety at the root
  • Guided meditations to help you learn how to do it correctly


Learning about yourself and making the deep, transformative changes that you seek is made much easier when you’re surrounded by a reliable, caring community that will naturally reflect and mirror new methods and ways of operating.

In the Clear and Open Dojo, the community is connected with the power of paradigm-shifting methodology. We practice “Un-Doing.” One of the first things you’ll learn is that what you’re taught in school is mostly useless and ineffective when it comes to living your best life.