Beyond Traditional Coaching, Beyond Happiness

You deserve a mirror big enough to see yourself in.

Business coaching doesn’t address emotional issues that cause us to avoid doing what works. Therapy doesn’t focus enough on competence and won’t hold you accountable. Spirituality doesn’t address your childhood or your functionality.

Of course, these methods have their strengths. Coaching is what you need to show up. Therapy helps you grow up. Spirituality is how you wake up.

What happens when you put them all together?

The answer is a model big enough to serve all of your needs. Clear and Open creates wholeness and fulfillment, not merely success. You go beyond transient happiness to a peace that persists even during the most difficult times.

That isn’t something you create. It’s already there, covered up by your issues like rocks on a geyser.

The most important thing to understand is that you probably don’t know what those issues are–that’s why they’re still there. It may look like a business problem, but be an emotional one. Or it may look like an emotional issue, but actually be a spiritual one.

For example, I often work with clients who think they can’t hire good people, but what’s true is they don’t hold their employees accountable. They need coaching. Others think they need inspiration but they actually need to heal their depression. They need counseling. Still others want more money only to discover that they really want more meaning. They need spiritual practice.

Do you see what I mean?

It’s my experience that most people spend years, even decades, trying to solve the wrong problem without an accurate diagnosis, and so don’t use the right tool for the job.

In 15 minutes, I can tell you what your issue actually is. It will probably surprise you.

Now, do you have the courage to ask? You can schedule those 15 minutes with me right here, right now.

A part of you may not want to know, and I can understand why. Because when you truly understand the real problem, you see it calls for you to change. Surprisingly, deep down, most people would rather stay with the pain they know rather than risk a change.

But that isn’t you. You’re willing to do the work, right? You’re not afraid of being uncomfortable.

What Is Life Trying To Tell You?

Life teaches us with challenges that force us to evolve. When we try to get what we want without changing, it rarely works. But it doesn’t stop us from trying, right?

Who does Life call you to be? Can you sense it?

What stops you from letting go to that?

I had every intention of just being a business coach, but Life had other plans. My passion for getting it right fueled decades of deep inner work and self-realization. 

I learned dozens of models, and distilled the best of it into Clear and Open: a universal, psychospiritual paradigm for leadership development.

Whereas most models are constructive, attempting to add knowledge, inspiration, skill, etc. to an individual, Clear and Open is rigorously deconstructive. 

If you sense that you are in your own way, then how much sense does it make to improve that version of you?

What if what you needed was already there, and only needed to be revealed?

I’ve found in myself and with my clients that the most powerful transformation occurs when you lose the version of you that obstructs the truth of who you are. 

That’s what gets you what you want. 

Most of us spend many years trying to improve the self that isn’t working, like repainting a rusted out car. I understand. I did it, too. 

Often we need to exhaust ourselves before we surrender to truth. I’d like to save you the trouble, and a lot of time. 

How tired are you?

Because eventually, you find that what you’ve been seeking was already there, when you have the courage to truly get out of your own way. 

Do you know exactly how, in excruciating detail, how you’re in your own way?

Because if you don’t, not much will change.

That’s the first step, and I can help you take it. 

While Clear and Open’s focus is serving business leaders, I serve anyone who has a passion for truth, a hunger to learn, and the courage to be different. 

If you’re ready, book a 15m discovery call with me. I’ll show you how you’re in your way. This is why you’re here. 

This is why we’re all here. 

I offer knowledge, tools, inspiration, and many other powerful aspects of coaching, therapy, and consulting, but it’s all in service of revealing the truest and most powerful You.

It’s challenging work, but I think you’re worth it. Besides, without the real You, nothing is ever enough. Have you noticed?

When you’re ready to let go of what you think you know, Clear and Open awaits. I’d tell you it’s unlike anything you’ve experienced before, but I’d rather you decide for yourself.

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