Personal Development in a Professional Context

Clear and Open Courses help you surmount professional challenges in a personal way, and new courses are taught live three times per year. You can purchase these courses a la carte, or get access to all courses as part of Dojo Membership.

Courses are based on a rigorous and challenging learning methodology and are designed to produce results, not merely learning. You can expect quizzes to cement your understanding and assignments to ensure you apply it.

Whether you’re an employee, a solopreneur, or a leader of thousands, Clear and Open Courses provide the knowledge, skill, and most importantly awareness to take whatever you’re doing to the next level. Contact us to learn about volume pricing.

Below are a few of our most popular courses.

Clear and Open Courses


Save Time Now

Three Simple Ways to Reclaim your Most Precious Resource

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Do you feel like you often don’t have enough time? It doesn’t have to be that way. Work-life balance in the 21st century is an issue for everyone. Do you want to change? Grow? You need something more valuable than money. You need time. The journey of a thousand miles doesn’t begin with a single step, it begins with having the time to take it.

It’s just three, seven-minute videos that save you hours per week. This is the place to begin, and you can do it right now. Your time is worth a million dollars a minute, don’t waste another moment not using your time wisely.

This free course is the beginning of your journey. The choice is before you. How will you choose? Only the rest of your life depends on it.

Crazy but true: Disorganization is the invisible cause of a long list of business and personal problems. The most dangerous part is that you can’t see it. Have you ever suddenly heard the room get very quiet? And you realize it’s because the refrigerator turned off? You won’t realize how cluttered your mind was until after you get organized.

This course will help you get incredibly well-organized, but that’s not what it’s really about. You’ll become smarter and more aware. You’ll gain focus. You’ll become more productive. And you’ll have the room to work on what really matters. It’s over five hours of step-by-step video instruction that takes the guesswork out of where to start. Overwhelm is a state of mind, not the way it is. Find out for yourself that this is true.


Clear Workspace, Open Mind

From Clutter to Clarity, Everywhere In Your Life

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The Accountability Path

5 Steps to Inspire People to Own Their Work

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What happens when one of your employees drops a ball? Nothing? Do you wait until it happens enough times to get upset and then ambush them? You’re not alone. There about a half-dozen common unproductive ways that managers do accountability and you probably use one of them. It’s understandable. After all, who taught you how to manage? Didn’t you just kind of figure it out?

Accountability issues cause business problems of any and all kinds and often are the exact place where business growth begins. If you can’t trust someone to follow through, you have to supervise them, and that’s a profound waste of your time. This course shows you how to train owners, not employees, who care as much about what they’re doing as you do.