Finding a good speaker is challenging. In my role as a senior manager at EMyth, I was responsible for the content coordination and delivery of our most important multi-day immersion events. I oversaw presentations and led critical segments. I’ve learned a great deal being on both sides of the microphone.

For America’s Best Cleaners (pictured below), I delivered an experiential, day-long workshop for business owners who had been cooped up indoors for a conference for four days. The group was hungry to learn about management, but we knew they’d be tired of sitting around listening to people speak. So we hoped for good weather (and had a backup plan) and customized a unique, outdoor experience. A combination of interactive dialogue and simple movements from the martial art Aikido gave them a taste of harmonious leadership that words alone can’t deliver, on a gorgeous fall day in the mountains of Park City, Utah.

As a coach for over sixteen years, I’m passionate about constantly finding new ways to help people grow. Change is challenging for everyone, and a good teacher is always asking themselves, “How can my audience learn faster? What are they needing that I’m not yet giving them?”

Great teaching means preparation, customization, and inevitably improvisation. I build on what’s worked in the past and surrender to what the moment calls for. If you want me to work with your group, I’ll have myriad questions for you about their needs, fears, priorities, dreams, desires, obstacles, and more. Meeting people where they are is a skill I’ve dedicated my life to, and reading the energy of a room in every moment is the work.

During events, energy and engagement is everything. Even when I’m only doing a one hour keynote, I consider myself part of the event team, from initial planning to debrief. Every moment during an event is an opportunity for either energy gain or energy drain, and each must do their part to ensure participants get more than they came for.

As a holistic coach with vast experience across many industries, I can speak on hundreds of topics. My passion is root problem solving and so my strength is speaking to the invisible dynamics that cause people’s frustrations: whether in management, finance, marketing, sales, or anything else, inevitably the real problem is hidden from view. I take people to deep places in themselves they didn’t realize existed, and through expanding awareness, help them solve their own problems.

The following are some of my most requested topics, that can be as short as a forty minute keynote, or as long as a multi-day workshop:

  • The Discipline of Self-Management: How invisible chronic overwhelm causes major business problems that can easily be fixed
  • Fall in Love with Financial Management: Transform relationship to money and numbers and realize how fun it is
  • The Nine Leadership Challenges: How to change where your strengths have become weaknesses
  • Mentoring Employees: Appealing to healthy self-interest to cultivate authentic engagement
  • Positioning and Differentiation: Using negative aspects of your industry’s reputation to your advantage.

I do two weekly webcasts for Clear and Open Members that are largely extemporaneous and based on what questions people bring. My podcast is mostly excerpted from these webcasts. Please listen for over 100 samples of my talks. To inquire about availability and explore if there’s a good fit, feel free to contact me. You can see my complete background on my LinkedIn page. Thanks for visiting. I’m honored by your consideration.