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This is a collection of the essential teachings of Clear and Open. In any practice, the foundational elements form the basis of success or failure. For beginners and those more experienced as well, this resource helps you return to what’s most important to maintain focus and proper context for all of the other teachings.

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If you’ve tried conventional management methods and haven’t gotten the results you were hoping for, chances are you’ve been spending a lot of energy trying to solve surface-level problems, which isn’t a sustainable approach. Instead, you need to get at the root of what’s causing those surface-level issues, and solve THAT problem. And it starts when you STOP supervising your people and START mentoring them.

“High-Performance Leadership” is a collection of downloadable essays and podcast episodes that give you insights on how to take on a mentor’s role and create radical change in your organization.

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I know, you don’t have time for this. That’s why you need it. It’s just three 7-minute videos that will help you reclaim hours every week so you have more time for what matters most to you. Excellence begins with making the time and space to pursue it. Your extra time awaits—go get it!

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As Josh Billings said, “It’s not so much what folks don’t know that causes problems, it’s what they do know that ain’t so.” Are you ready to lose those things that are in your way? Because that’s what bullshit is, and getting rid of it is the answer to your management problems. Sign up below to gain access to this ebook and the accompanying workbook.

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Many of my clients who take on a meditation practice credit this as being the single biggest eye-opening change catalyst in their personal growth journey. They learn that a true meditation practice is nothing like what you’ve imagined it to be, and it can look different each and every day. Sign up below to gain access to several of my guided meditation recordings that are specifically created to help you grow within a professional context.

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