The Clear and Open Code of Conduct

You want your people to step up, right? Have you defined exactly what that means? Do your people have a written code of behavior that specifies the standards to which you all are accountable? Your company values lack power if it’s not clear how they’re to be put into action. This Code of Conduct does just that.

The Code is a distillation of Clear and Open teachings in a format that can serve any kind of working relationship: employee, contractor, vendor, investor, etc. It also forms the basic rules of engagement for any company culture. It is deceptively simple. You may think you already follow it, but the real practice is to look whereupon you do not and investigate thoroughly how and why. This is the path to self-knowledge. This is the path to excellence.


Respond to all messages within two business days

  • If you don’t have an answer, then say so within two days and commit to, by when you will have one.
  • Respond to all direct questions in emails, voicemails, texts, etc.
  • Never make someone repeat a question, follow up, or remind you.

Risk the discomfort of being direct in a respectful way

  • Avoid using vague, stock, or cliché language.
  • Vulnerably say what you mean, and mean what you say.


Do what you say you’re going to do by when you said you’d do it

  • If something changes that affects the agreement you made, communicate that immediately.
  • Do not make promises you cannot keep. There is no such thing as trying.

Be on time, not just in time

  • Relate to timeliness like any other agreement.
  • Being on time means always being early.


Own your mistakes

  • You need not be perfect, but completely responsible for your imperfections.
  • Show your competence by your ability to embrace mistakes and learn.

Don’t make excuses

  • An excuse blames an outer circumstance for something that you could influence.
  • Find in yourself how and why the mistake happened, so you can grow and it doesn’t happen again.


Receive the help you asked for

  • Carefully follow the instructions of your mentor. Do assignments thoroughly and on time.
  • Accept feedback from your mentor with curiosity. Embrace productive discomfort.

Be meta to the challenge

  • Monitor, own, and vulnerably report inevitable resistance rather than acting it out, especially when you want to quit. Most clients quit three months before the breakthrough.
  • Remember that others can see you better than you see yourself. That’s why you hired the mentor, right?

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