Let’s Grow Together

One of the root causes of people problems in business is the absence of timely feedback and accountability. The Clear and Open Dojo is a place where professionals can grow with their peers in a structured environment that closely evaluates progress. Do you want to know just how competent you are as a worker so you can improve as quickly as possible? The dojo is where this happens.

As a member, you get access to all online courses and participate in the live webcasts to get direct coaching and feedback from Josef about where you are and how to move forward. You’ll also get peer accountability from other members who’ve walked the path you’re on before. This combination of education, training, and feedback from multiple sources puts you on a fast track to growth.

New members receive a white silicone wrist-band that is their “white belt” with an invitation to earn greater ranks through demonstration of increased skill and awareness, and completion of assignments designed specifically to challenge and develop you.

Level Up: Clear And Open Ranks

One thing that game creators know that most educators don’t is that there are universal human needs that engage growth. People want to know:

  • Where they are now
  • What the next level is
  • What they need to do to level up
  • Objective feedback about how well they’re doing

Without a structure that addresses these needs, you cannot maximize human potential. These ranks gamify professional development and even allow for organizations to outsource and use Clear and Open to train all or part of their staff.

For sixteen years, I worked with business leaders 1:1 to train them how to mentor their people. Many succeeded, but others found they lacked the necessary aptitude or passion. I created Clear and Open in part to provide the unique option of delegating professional training, what is usually the responsibility of the manager.

Members who engage with this system are laser-focused on leveraging their strengths, developing their weaknesses, and using every challenge to take more responsibility, make themselves more valuable, and reach higher goals faster – but not for their boss, rather in their own healthy self-interest. That’s rock-solid engagement.

Click the symbols below to learn more about each rank:

White - 7th Class - "Empty Your Cup"

This is the rank with which we all begin, and is the only one given. Your subsequent ranks will be earned. This is a recognition of your intention, if not yet your actions, to pursue virtue in the Clear and Open context.

This is moreover an invitation to engage, to be challenged, and to let go of preconceived ideas, limiting beliefs, and unproductive patterns of behavior that hold you back. There is a great deal possible through your engagement with Clear and Open, but it will not happen without you investing the necessary time, energy, and most importantly, an open mind.

Orange - 6th class - “Clear Your Mind”

This beginner rank is earned by those who attain the proficiency in self-organization necessary for effective personal and professional growth. You are invited to hone your skills and learn to eliminate overwhelm as quickly as it arises.

You now have the time, space, energy, and emotional bandwidth to travel to the next, more challenging and rewarding phase of your journey, whatever it may be.

Yellow - 5th class - “Own Your Life”

This beginner rank is earned by those who attain “Organizational Enlightenment,” a realization which brings enhanced clarity, personal responsibility, and purpose. You are now better equipped to pursue your dreams, whatever they are, with both passion and productivity.

May you enjoy the emergent strengths, visions, and possibilities that arise as a result of your hard work, and commit to deeper practice of expressing your power.

Green - 4th class - “Seize Your Power”

This intermediate rank is earned by those who demonstrate a basic ability to track and cease their own shadow behavior and limiting beliefs. As a result, you have demonstrated positive, personal change in a professional context, and used your work to become a better person.

Your enhanced self-awareness begins to translate into a greater awareness of others, and the ability to more carefully discern truth. This is the doorstep of powerful leadership and new possibilities previously unavailable to you.

Blue - 3rd class - “Dance Your Demons”

This intermediate rank is earned by those who no longer require supervision, demonstrate a bias for action, and actively turn toward productive discomfort. You show that your life is no longer run by your shadow, and you deeply own your power of choice.

This intermediate rank is earned by those who no longer require supervision, demonstrate a bias for action, and actively turn toward productive discomfort. You show that your life is no longer run by your shadow, and you deeply own your power of choice.

Purple - 2nd class - “Express Your Virtue”

This advanced rank is earned by those whose excellence expresses meaningful results in the world. You have transcended avoidance, overwhelm, and victimhood such that the geyser of your being flows forth in observable ways that have real impact.

You now have the integrity, clarity of intention, and decisiveness of action to engage your destiny. Continue to work on the subtle forms of your shadow and watch your impact on others as the greater leader in you emerges.

Brown – 1st Class - "Engage Your Destiny"

This advanced rank is earned by those who demonstrate effortless embodiment of the elements of human thrival. The culmination of determination, discipline, passion, organization, responsibility, accountability, excellence, and integrity has made you a master of manifestation.

You are now at the doorstep of Flow, where you will experience inconceivable levels of ease and attainments of deeper fulfillment, penetrating insight, and extraordinary accomplishment.

1st degree Black - “Surrender To Flow”

This master rank is earned by the completion of the cycle in which you earned your prior ranks. The challenges with which you began your journey are gone, and you choose new ones from the newer version of you.

Now in the bottom tier of Flow, your expertise begins to effortlessly arise when needed, and in a way where there is no discernable difference between who you are and what you do. Your biggest challenge is to let go the polished parts of you that you no longer need.

2nd degree Black and Teal - “In One Many”

This master rank is earned by those who attain a vast, deep, applied understanding of how business and human psychodynamics interrelate. You can solve any problem because you see subtext, unconscious motives, and governing dynamics as clearly as physical objects and have the business expertise to navigate them in both content and context.

With the ability to navigate extreme complexity, you are now poised to abide with the ultimate simplicity as you deepen your journey into Flow.

3rd degree Black and Blue - “In Many One”

This master rank is earned by those who essentially and significantly are operated by Flow, rather than operating in Flow. You experience ways in which your life is not your own, and produce extraordinary results that surprise even yourself, sourced from a power greater than you.

You no longer know how you know what you know or how you do what you do, and it doesn’t matter. You’re squarely and comfortably in the flow state most of the time. You trust it and it serves you.

4th degree Black and Purple - “Surrender To Service”

This master rank is earned by those who demonstrate the ability to consistently become who or whatever is required by the situation. It requires great power, the deepest humility and an effortless non-attachment to self.

You possess an extraordinary internal clarity, stillness, and spaciousness that comes from the recognition of and abidement with your true essence.

5th degree Black and Red - “Surrender To Love”

This final master rank is earned by those who have given themselves to Flow so deeply that they balance love, wisdom, and patience in a way many would call saintly. You, simply being who you are, cause profound, positive shifts in others and in the world.

You are a leader who cultivates other leaders, in harmony with the essential principles of Life Itself, as a humble yet powerful expression of It.

A Game Worth Playing

Beginner ranks focus on self-organization and time-management, saving you and your organization precious resources and allowing for quick-wins. Intermediate ranks focus more on root problem-solving skills and impeccable professional behavior. Advanced ranks challenge members to bring excellence everywhere in their life using the tools and awareness they’ve gained.

Members apply for ranks at the end of each quarter and receive direct feedback whether the rank is awarded or not. There is no such thing as failure when a lesson is learned, and each rank contains many lessons that serve you for the rest of your life.