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Knowing yourself is The result of persistent Not knowing yourself

Are You a Good Student?

Being an effective student is one of the more important attributes you can have, because it’s upstream of your ability to gain the knowledge, skill, and awareness you need for any challenge whatsoever. When you stop learning, you start dying. There was a single event in my childhood that changed my life as a student forever.…

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Money doesn't make the world go 'round It shows us who we are

Are You in Reality With Money?

Before we dive in, I offer some context. I break a lot of marketing rules by having a complex service offering. I combine business, psychological and spiritual perspectives to solve problems. In the domain of money, economic realities and dynamics must be understood, but they are not enough. Because money is a symbol of value,…

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The truth is all we need And the only price Is all that we don't

Take the Red Lozenge

The journey inward is the most difficult and also most rewarding path there is. During these darkest times of year, most people fill the darkness with food, drink, and various forms of merriment. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that. So while I wish you a Happy All-the-Days, I also invite you to take some time…

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What if no one could Make you feel something That wasn't already there?

Trigger Warning

Trigger warning, The following may elicit feelings  You don’t want to feel, It may remind you of things  You don’t want to think about, It may call for you to examine Uncomfortable aspects of yourself  That you work hard to ignore, Trigger warning, You may experience vulnerable emotions like  Hurt, anxiety, anguish, and shame,  Emotions…

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If all of you wanted To change, it would have Already happened

How Do You Protect Yourself From Change?

We all have unconscious protectors and they resist change, so it’s useful to track the expression of that resistance to follow it back to the fear at its root. I use the term “coaching” here, but this applies to all forms of inner work that threaten the unconscious’ grip on the status quo: therapy, spiritual…

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If hate opposes love Then how do we love The people who hate?

What I Learned From Kissing Men

By my third year in college, I was severely depressed. I had dead-ended academia. It was no longer a challenge, because I figured out how to play the game, and I realized none of what I learned would help me in life. I’d also dead-ended Ju-Jujitsu, which turned me into a more of a jerk,…

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Everything is true And some things are Truer than others

Where Your Values Came From and Why You Should Care Part 2/2

Objectivism & Subjectivism: How You Relate to Relating First, last chance to join my next live course, Revealing Your Unconscious, which begins September 7, 2023. If you have any long-standing issues, business or otherwise, that you haven’t been able to change, this course is for you. — Which is more important, facts or feelings? Have you…

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The craziest ideas Are welcome when we're Desperate for sense

The Unconscious Roots of Conspiracy Theory

Recently, I wrote about some of the deepest root causes of the Lahaina fires. But opinions vary, have you noticed? I have to admit, I was surprised when I heard the conspiracy theories, and then I was surprised that I was surprised. I’ve always had a kind of naive optimism that I’m sure was necessary to stop…

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When we solve problems only on the outside we invite them back

The Price of Incompetence: The Real Cause of the Lahaina Tragedy

First, a quick announcement: my next course, Revealing Your Unconscious begins 9/7/23. This will be a powerful workshop mapping how your unconscious is running your life and what you can do about it. I’m heartbroken about what happened in Lahaina. Many of you who know I live on Maui reached out and I appreciate that. Fortunately, I…

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What's most important To you was decided By somebody else

Where Your Values Came From and Why You Should Care Part 1/2

Do you live an examined life? More people think so than actually do. If some of your deeply held values, views, and approaches to life were dead-ended by millions before you, would you want to know? If so, keep reading. If not, I wish you all the best! As a doorway into this subject, let’s…

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