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The hot coal you throw/At whom you judge/First burns you

Are You Backfiring?

A while back I wrote about the Backfire Effect. The effect, in short, is that when we receive information that doesn’t support what we want to believe, we tend to double down on the false belief. Recently about 70 million people in the U.S. voted for Donald Trump and many suffer from the Backfire Effect. It’s…

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We mistake money For Freedom and imprison Ourselves with Debt

Did You Get The Message About Money?

Life is teaching us about money right now. Are you getting the message? Perhaps I can help translate. We heard a lot about how many people live “paycheck-to-paycheck” in the news when COVID hit. Statistics range from 40-80% and other data back it up. In 2019, Americans carried an average of $6,124 in revolving credit…

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If you always like your leader They may being Too easy on you

Exactly How Democracy Is Broken

Trump seems to be the most controversial president in history and I think it’s perfect. Don’t get me wrong, when he was elected, I had a hard time accepting the reality at first. Many people still suffer over this, though, and perhaps this will help if it doesn’t offend and outrage you first. The American,…

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The freedom you seek Doesn't need defending It needs realizing

Can You Be Free and Wear a Mask?

In what way is it entirely predictable that the United States would handle the pandemic worse than any other country in the world? If you can think paradigmatically, it makes perfect sense. I’ll explain. The U.S. is the only country in the history of the world to be founded on the rights of the individual.…

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The insult you perceive Is actually a clue to find Your insecurity

Have You Ever Been Offended?

I want to share a point of view with you that you’ve likely never heard. My last piece about racism was a little scary to share, but well-received, so I thought I’d continue to be bold. I wrote the following for my upcoming course on Paradigmatic Analysis. If unpacking concepts like this is interesting to you, you might enjoy the course.…

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Be a student of change And everything else Takes Care of itself

Racism is A Tip of an Iceberg

This article is about management, racism, and change. I once had a client who complained that his people couldn’t be trusted to perform. “What happens when they make mistakes?” I asked. “We retrain them,” he answered. “What does that mean?” I persisted. “Their manager goes over the process with them,” he said. “But don’t they already…

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5 Obstacles To Meditation

My clients who’ve been meditating report that they are surprised at how well they’re handling the pandemic. I’m not. 😉  Because I know meditation, when done right, is the most powerful ally available to you. I’ve talked with many people about my upcoming meditation course (begins 4/16) and encountered some misconceptions about meditation that are…

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Sometimes the greatest fear is actually to see what was always there

Is This An Apocalypse?

We think the word “apocalypse” means the end of the world, but this isn’t its original meaning. It comes from Greek meaning “uncovering.” That’s what I see happening now: a great revealing of truth. I know these are hard times, harder for some than others. It’s with great compassion and a wide heart that I…

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