Work’s a Bitch, and Then You Die…

Do you ever find yourself daydreaming what your life would be like if you didn’t have to work? Ever daydream about it while you’re at work?

Be honest: when you think about your job, do you feel inspired? Totally lit up?

Naaaahhhh. Work sucks.


Every morning you have to force yourself out of the bed, and as you hit the snooze button for the third time, you think: When was the last time I took a personal day? Is it too soon to call in sick again? I wonder whether I can get away with it.

And when you can finally drag yourself up, grab your Starbucks on the way, and roll in 20 minutes late—traffic was terrible today!—your first order of business is about an hour scrolling through social media to see what you missed since last night.

Sound familiar?

Does it make you feel ashamed, or guilty? Or just plain depressed when you realize you’re probably gonna live that way for the next 30 or 40 years until you can retire?



An eleven-week live course, beginning September 6th.

Hannah Wilkerson, Affiliate Manager at JEB Commerce

“Through the Clear and Open courses, I’ve realized key shadow aspects of my personality that held me back in more ways than I’d ever realized. I have grown immensely since engaging in them and I can honestly say NONE of this would have been brought to light without Josef. His ability to get you to critically think (and if you think you know how to do this already, you don’t) is life-changing. Josef has an extraordinary talent to coach people through the darkness to the light. My life wouldn’t be the same without his guidance and support.”

So, what’s the problem?

Your boss wants you to be totally engaged, all the time. They want you to go above and beyond. They want you to care about your job, and whether the company is successful. They want you to “produce.”

What’s worse, you’re expected to put in this extra effort without any promise of reward. Bosses think it’s okay to ask you to “prove yourself” first and trust in the potential fruits of your labor. This puts you between rock and a hard place. You’ve got two options:

Option 1: Do the minimum to get by, and try to fly under the radar. At best, your poor performance review hangs over your head and the new guys gets promoted before you. At worst, you’re fired.

Option 2: Work harder in the hope of getting a raise. Quietly resent your boss for asking you to do stuff that’s not in your job description. Stuff you aren’t getting paid to do. You’re being controlled at best and enslaved at worst.

Do either of these options feel like a win?

If you’re like most, you’ll push on, leaning more toward Option Two at the beginning of the week and slogging your way into Friday fully occupying Option One.

You hope that somehow you’re gathering skills and knowledge that “one day” will serve you. Inevitably, “life” gets in the way, adult responsibilities fill your attention, and you forget all about that hope amidst your busyness.

Has that one day come for you yet?

Are you happy with where your skills and knowledge are getting you?

But wait a minute—there is a third option, and it’s the secret to feeling fulfilled not only at work but in the rest of your life as well!


A better option

What is Option Three? It’s a new way of relating to yourself, others, and your work. It will unlock your deepest potential, skill, and talent.

Choose the third option, and you’ll be completely free, fully self-expressed, and incredibly powerful.

Spencer Rosen, Founder of Energy Integrity

“Josef has an uncanny capacity to get to the heart of the matter with people and have them discover what’s been holding them back in a way that causes real and lasting change.”

In this eleven-week live course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Make your experience and training truly yours
  • Take control of your choices
  • Understand disengagement and why you’re self-sabotaging
  • Lose the bullshit limiting beliefs they taught you in school
  • Love your work—even when you don’t
  • Get on a passion path
  • Make your job work for you
  • Use your boss to make your dreams come true
  • Shed your victim mentality and get yourself unstuck
  • Ask for and use help effectively
  • Level up and hold yourself to higher standards
  • Self-manage all areas of your life and set yourself free
  • And a whole lot more!

Here’s the flipside:

If you don’t learn how to self-manage, you’ll forever be under the thumb of “the man.” The cycle of unconscious disengagement will continue for you, perhaps for the rest of your career. You’ll find yourself caught up in that proverbial Groundhog Day—it truly is a rat race, with no end in sight.

Does that sound fun to you?

Now, ask yourself what it would feel like if you never had to be “supervised” again and you could be fulfilled and happy in your job?

THAT is how you can feel, all day, every day, if you learn the amazing Art of Self-Management. You will literally remove the “suck” from your work and your life.

Tiffany Lach, Founder of Sola Cafe & Market

“I am a stronger, more consistent leader as a result of my participation in Clear and Open. Josef brings rigorous inquiry into all aspects of being. Working with Josef is beyond coaching. It’s like having a really great personal trainer but for business, with an insistence on excellence at every turn. As with any great workout, it hurts, but I am so much more ready to meet the unexpected challenges.”

What you’ll get with this course:

  • Eleven weekly live classes
  • Weekly group coaching with me
  • Access to a private slack channel where you can ask questions and get feedback from me and other course participants
  • Guided meditations
  • All course materials, including video, audio, journaling prompts, etc
  • One private coaching call (new students only)


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