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Clear and Open courses cover a ton of personal and professional issues most people struggle with. And there’s much more to come. I’ll be periodically adding more courses, based on what members are asking for, and those are always free to current members forever.

I hope you’ll join the Clear and Open Community to gain access to these all of these valuable tools. If you are interested in only one particular course, the courses are individually priced as well.

Here is a list of Clear and Open’s currently available courses:

Clear Workspace, Open Mind: From clutter to clarity, everywhere in your life

dock clear workspace image 85Getting well-organized is quite simply the most exciting thing that can happen to you. Huh? Did you think it was boring, tedious tasks like making file labels and organizing paper clips? I’d avoid it too, if that’s how I framed it. It can be the most thrilling time of your life.

Crazy but true: Disorganization is the invisible cause of a long list of business and personal problems. The most dangerous part is that you can’t see it. Have you ever suddenly heard the room get very quiet? And you realize it’s because the refrigerator turned off? It’s like that. You won’t realize how cluttered your mind was until after you get organized. Let me prove it. Here’s an excerpt from a member webcast that talks about the results that are possible, and how getting organized is about a lot more than getting organized.

This course will help you get organized, but that’s not what it’s really about. You’ll get smarter and more aware. You’ll gain focus. You’ll become more productive. And you’ll have the room to work on what really matters.

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The Accountability Path: Five steps to inspire people to own their work

accountability path imageThere’s a lot of talk about the frightening employee disengagement statistics. But there’s no agreement on the root cause and therefore the solution. Lack of accountability is the biggest problem facing business today, and most managers don’t even realize it.

When you learn these five easy steps, you’ll stop supervising and start mentoring your people. They’ll take on more responsibility and thank you for it, because they’ll be choosing their challenges in their own self-interest.

Stop thinking in terms of “getting someone to do something” and start developing the careers of your people. It’s a lot more fun, I promise. It’s what your people want, but either don’t know or are afraid to ask. Employee disengagement is the norm in our world. Are you ready to let go of being normal?

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CLEAR the Issue: Five steps to solve anything

Clear the issue image-110Have you ever thought you solved a problem only to see it rear its head again, or somewhere else? Why does this happen? How do you prevent it? Are some problems just impossible to solve? Not if you know how to approach them.

CLEAR the Issue is a comprehensive troubleshooting methodology developed over my entire career as a mentor. The steps are:

  1. Clearly state the problem
  2. List the total impact
  3. Explore root causes
  4. Assess personal accountability
  5. Realize small next steps

When a problem doesn’t get solved, it’s inevitably because one or more of these steps aren’t followed. This is your complete guide to solve anything. I know, it sounds crazy, but you’ll discover it’s true. This course shows you how you have the power to affect any kind of change in a step by step, easy to follow process.

Click here to learn more and view one of the first lessons of this course, 100% free

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