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Mentoring with Josef Shapiro

“JosChris Kayef is the best coach I have ever worked with. He is tough, insightful and will hold you accountable. If you’re ready for the truth, if you’re truly ready for the next level, I promise he will help take you there. In less than 9 months I achieved results with Josef that were way beyond what I could have imagined. His tools and insights are an invaluable part of my business and personal life.

The bottom line: As a serial entrepreneur with 4 major business operations and a busy personal life, I need results and do not have time to mess around. I have worked with many coaches and consultants over the years, but none of them have come even close to producing the kinds of results Josef and I created. Hire him, do it right now.”

Chris Kay Founder Blue Global Media, Carmen Asset Management

My expertise is change. I’ll show how you create your own problems in minutes. Then I’ll show you how to change it. Do you have the courage to look? If you do, you can access power and fulfillment beyond your imagination. If you don’t, then your future is likely to look a lot like your present.

You are driven, serious about creating real change, and have the strength to look directly at your blind spots. You know that your life is not a dress rehearsal–this is it. You have a sense you can be more than you are now. You feel called to get bigger, and you know that no one does great things without help.

Everyone needs, at one time or another, to engage deeply in a self-discovery process with a mentor. Certain breakthroughs can only happen through this kind of relationship. I don’t see new challenges anymore. I only meet new people.

Not sure if mentoring is right for you? You don’t have to be. Let’s talk. 

Interested In Working Together?

Fill out the form below to get in touch with me. Share a bit about your goals and challenges. Let's discover if working together makes sense.

All agreements are month-to-month. There’s no long-term contract. You’ve got me as a member of your team, every day.

Solve a Problem: In One Meeting

Do you have a specific issue that needs attention? Do you want to get a taste of what individual mentoring is like? Let me impress you with how quickly I diagnose the root cause, and help you get to a solution.

Here are some ways clients have used these sessions, with great results:

  • Exit interviews to gain valuable insight about what’s not working in management
  • Co-lead interviews to train you in real-time and ensure you hire the right people
  • Coach an employee in a difficult place to get them back on track
  • Mediate a dispute between two employees

Depending on the change you’re looking for, mentoring can be a slow process that takes months or even years. But it doesn’t have to be. I’m always looking for opportunities to find quick wins that aren’t shortcuts.

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"Jamie BirchWhen I contacted Josef, I knew that the CEO I was to get my company to our first million dollar year was not the CEO I had to be to get us to 5 and 10 million dollars.  I had to be different, I had to learn new skills, I had to manage my people differently and I had to manage our resources differently.  

His insight was tremendous.  The real proof is in the profits and the comments from my employees.  'You are the best CEO we’ve ever seen you be and the best CEO I’ve ever worked for.'  Comments like those abound since working with Josef."

Jamie Birch Founder and CEO, JEB Commerce