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The Path to Solving Problems is Right in Front of You

Do any of these statements sound familiar?

You think you have an idea of your problem, but can’t ever seem to find a clear solution that gets down to the root of the issue.

You feel as though your relationships and interactions with staff, co-workers, and loved ones are missing something, but you can’t figure out what that is.

Your problems have been around for so long that you’ve resigned to thinking that this is just the way things are and there is never going to be a change.

You believe there is no way to make an impactful and lasting change in your business and personal life without some sort of catastrophic event.

It doesn’t have to be that way!


CLEAR the Issue is a problem-solving methodology I’ve developed and honed for over fifteen years. Most people live and work with problems that have simple (but not necessarily easy) solutions only because no one ever taught them skills like critical thinking, root cause analysis, specificity in language and other relatively basic tools. We’re conditioned to think many of our problems can’t change, and this is the basic assumption that holds everything that doesn’t work firmly in place.

What would it be like to look at almost any problem and instantly see the solution path? It’s not as far-fetched as it seems. Most of us are taught ways of thinking that counteract critical thinking and root cause analysis. It’s easier than you think to learn, and most of it is about letting go of perspectives that no longer serve you. This is a practical, hands-on course where you will use the problems you bring to learn problem-solving. You will solve some of your long-standing, stubborn problems by the end of this course.

What you are about to learn will very likely help you solve problems you’ve had for so long you’ve come to accept them as “just the way it is.” Your first step is to open your mind. Assume any problem can be solved. Imagine anything can change. Believe it’s possible to solve problems you’ve had for years in a matter of months–not with magical thinking, but with a powerful tool you will use to develop your skill and awareness as a problem solver.

We call this tool, CLEAR, and it’s the basis of everything we do at Clear and Open. In this tool, CLEAR stands for the following:

Clearly state the problem

List the total impact

Explore root causes

Assess personal accountability

Realize small next steps

This introduction to the CLEAR problem-solving method is self-paced. There are short assignments at the end of each lesson to help you retain and apply what you’re learning.


Weekly live webcasts (Thursdays at  11:15 AM PT) and supporting lessons associated with the week’s topic.

Pretests help prep your mind for learning. (They work!)

Quizzes help you retain what you learn.

Assignments help you apply what you’re learning.

Plus, you will have access to to the Slack channel and join the Clear and Open Community. This is the ideal place to ask questions, get inspired, and discuss the program (and any other topic) together with others committed to making lasting changes in their lives.

What if any and every problem could be solved? Would you like to find out?

Check out the course sign-up page here for more details.