You’re on the Inside Track!

If you’re reading this secret page, two things are true:

  1. Someone cares about you and sees in you a desire to grow.
  2. Someone respects you and knows you’re capable of amazing things.

From an outside perspective, Clear and Open may seem like just another collection of professional development courses. But the fire burning behind all of that, the true heart of Clear and Open, is a close-knit community of searchers, on a path together to find and eliminate all the obstacles that are blocking them, both professionally and personally.

We’re getting at the root of all the problems common to everyone in the human race—fear, limiting beliefs, and all the other reasons why we get stuck.

We call it the dojo, and we use our time here to forge ourselves into extraordinary people. Quite simply put, it’s powerful personal development in a professional context.



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Taylor Trusty, Founder of Blackstone Media

Josef is unlike any coach I’ve worked with: he’s wicked smart, calls me on my bullshit, gets right to the heart of the matter, and sees through to the root issues. He’s opened my eyes to unconscious motives and patterns of behaviors that I see now are at the root of my struggles. I’m changing and growing in ways I kept trying to accomplish on my own but struggled with. I’m learning to turn toward discomfort I used to run from, which isn’t fun at times, but the hard work is paying off. I also am developing a kind of X-Ray vision into reading people, helping me in sales, management, and fascinatingly in my personal life.”

An Honorable Place

Your friend, family member, or colleague who referred you here is already a member and is inviting you into this community. Be honored. It’s a dedicated group that has set high standards for itself— and it’s definitely not for everyone.

  • Do you want to reach for excellence in everything you do?
  • Do you believe that learning uncomfortable things about yourself and your motives is a worthy endeavor?
  • Are you willing to embrace discomfort and do the right thing—especially when it’s difficult?
  • Are you self-aware and humble enough to admit when you’re wrong?

If your answer to these questions is “Yes,” then Clear and Open is a great place for you to stretch, grow, share, and succeed.


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Tiffany Lach, Founder of Sola Cafe & Market

“I am a stronger, more consistent leader as a result of my participation in Clear and Open. Josef brings rigorous inquiry into all aspects of being. Working with Josef is beyond coaching. It’s like having a really great personal trainer but for business, with an insistence on excellence at every turn. As with any great workout, it hurts, but I am so much more ready to meet the unexpected challenges.”

Here’s what you’ll gain immediate access to:

  • All current courses (Over $1,000 value)
  • New live courses every quarter (usually $300-500 each)
  • Webcast and leader’s webcast archives ($2,000 value)
  • Private slack channel for all members for daily ongoing support ($700/mo value)
  • Weekly group coaching sessions, where you can get direct feedback, accountability, and support—both from me and your peers. ($2,500/mo value)
  • Discounts for employee memberships and/or referred members

Friends and Family Discount Offer

Being referred by an existing member gives you access to a special “Friends and Family” offer—total dojo access for the discounted rate of $99/month (that’s a 23% discount off the normal price) for as long as you maintain an uninterrupted monthly membership.

When you’re part of the dojo, you can ask me or the group anything. Sometimes we’ll have answers. Sometimes we’ll have hard questions for you to work with. But one thing is for sure: You will grow. And when you do, so will your business.


Are you ready?

$99/month with code FFDOJO99