What if no one could Make you feel something That wasn't already there?

Trigger Warning

Trigger warning,

The following may elicit feelings 

You don’t want to feel,

It may remind you of things 

You don’t want to think about,

It may call for you to examine

Uncomfortable aspects of yourself 

That you work hard to ignore,

Trigger warning,

You may experience vulnerable emotions like 

Hurt, anxiety, anguish, and shame, 

Emotions that have been inside you

Since you were a child, 

When you were so alone

That you swore you’d never feel them again,

So you turned into another person, 

And left your true self behind, 

Because you knew how precious it was, 

Too precious for the calloused hearts of your parents,

Trigger warning, 

So you performed and pretended to get along, 

As a false version of yourself, 

Adopting distorted values that would

Help you hide your soul,

Notions like sacrifice and altruism,

Happiness and caretaking, 

Letting things go before you feel them through, 

Believing or disbelieving in the God the soul just feels, 

And playing victim to reality

Such that you would expect a 

Trigger warning,  

No one is responsible for your emotional safety

Unless you are a child,

Trigger warning,

You have a contribution to

Every experience you don’t like,

Trigger warning,

This reality may offend you, 

And that is your opportunity to get curious

About how deep your wounds go 

Such that the false version of you

Needs someone or something else 

To change for you to be okay,

Because that’s what you were forced to do as a child,

But mature adults let reality change them,

Trigger warning,

Life is chaotic, impermanent, and experimental,

Trigger warning,

You cannot know anything absolutely 

And only your fear and pain would cause you to try,

Trigger warning,

You are responsible for the contents

Of your unconscious,

And the worst experiences of your life 

Are the best ways to learn about it,

Trigger warning,

You don’t need a trigger warning, 

Because triggers aren’t bad, 

What they trigger isn’t bad, 

Why they trigger it isn’t bad, 

When they trigger it

 Is the exact right time, 

And where 

Is the exact right place,

Your triggers are gifts to help you reclaim your soul,

Trigger warning,

Now why would you need to be warned about that?