“I am a stronger, more consistent leader as a result of my participation in Clear and Open. Josef brings rigorous inquiry into all aspects of being. Working with Josef is beyond coaching. It’s like having a really great personal trainer but for business, with an insistence on excellence at every turn. As with any great workout, it hurts, but I am so much more ready to meet the unexpected challenges.”

Tiffany Lach, Founder of Sola Cafe & Market

“Josef has an uncanny capacity to get to the heart of the matter with people and have them discover what’s been holding them back in a way that causes real and lasting change.”

Spencer Rosen, Founder of Energy Integrity

“Josef is the best coach I have ever worked with. He is tough, insightful and will hold you accountable. If you’re ready for the truth, if you’re truly ready for the next level, I promise he will help take you there. In less than 9 months I achieved results with Josef that were way beyond what I could have imagined. His tools and insights are invaluable part of my business and personal life. The bottom line: As a serial entrepreneur with 4 major business operations and a busy personal life, I need results and do not have time to mess around. I have worked with many coaches and consultants over the years, but none of them have come even close to producing the kinds of results Josef and I created. Hire him, do it right now.”

Chris Kay, Serial Entreprenuer

“Through the Clear and Open courses, I’ve realized key shadow aspects of my personality that held me back in more ways than I’d ever realized. I have grown immensely since engaging in them and I can honestly say NONE of this would have been brought to light without Josef. His ability to get you to critically think (and if you think you know how to do this already, you don’t) is life-changing. Josef has an extraordinary talent to coach people through the darkness to the light. My life wouldn’t be the same without his guidance and support.”

Hannah Wilkerson, Affiliate Manager at JEB Commerce

Josef is unlike any coach I’ve worked with: he’s wicked smart, calls me on my bullshit, gets right to the heart of the matter, and sees through to the root issues. He’s opened my eyes to unconscious motives and patterns of behaviors that I see now are at the root of my struggles. I’m changing and growing in ways I kept trying to accomplish on my own but struggled with. I’m learning to turn toward discomfort I used to run from, which isn’t fun at times, but the hard work is paying off. I also am developing a kind of X-Ray vision into reading people, helping me in sales, management, and fascinatingly in my personal life.”

Taylor Trusty, Founder of Blackstone Media

One of the greatest challenges in business is getting teams to understand one another and work together masterfully. This means having deep empathy for each other’s backgrounds, motivations, passion areas and blind spots. Josef Shapiro understands these needs and has been expertly helping people for many years. In both personal coaching and workshops, Josef has done an awesome job helping my teams empathize with one another, achieve greater cohesion as a group and learn new things about themselves as well.”

Wyatt Jenkins, SVP at Shutterstock.com