Businesses Grow When People Do

You are confident, powerful, and defied the odds. But something feels missing.

You read books and go to conferences, and the inspiration lasts a week or two. You try out new ideas and they help a little, but something doesn’t get touched. You have dreams but don’t feel on track. Your people don’t care as much as you do about your vision. You feel like everyone in your organization, including yourself, could be doing better.

You’re probably right.

Most business coaching, consulting, and training gives people knowledge and skills to do things differently, yet statistics show over 67% of employees are disengaged. The answer is not in the doing. This is the elephant in the world and a half trillion dollar problem. Giving disengaged people new ideas and tools doesn’t work. Change must happen at the level of who they are. Clear and Open is a boutique professional development firm that addresses the root disengagement problem to create real results, deep fulfillment, and true engagement.

Engagement is personal. When your people care about their work, as an expression of themselves, they achieve excellence. The rest do the minimum to get by, fooling not only their co-workers but often themselves. Are they fooling you, too? It is to the end of this charade that Clear and Open is dedicated.

When your people see their work as a vehicle for their own personal growth, they care. When they care, they engage. When they engage, they produce extraordinary results. Clear and Open provides curriculum and training to make this happen, to deliver any job, department, or business to the abundant shores of excellence.

Ways to Engage

Online Courses

A la carte online training to support your pursuit of excellence. Topics focus on the most common barriers to engagement to help you breakthrough to extraordinary.

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Dojo Membership

Join the community and get access to all online courses as well as live weekly webcasts for more personalized support. Share the journey with others who can help you find the way.

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1-to-1 Mentoring

For those deeply called to greatness, there is no substitute for a personal guide. This is the fast track to your destiny, for those courageous enough to follow their heart and do the work.

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Online Courses

Clear and Open Online Courses go deep, because that’s how you engage your people. Professionals who are serious about growth don’t have time for fluff. Learn how to get consummately well-organized, hold people accountable, solve any problem at the root, and more.


The catalog is constantly expanding, and courses are available a la carte so you can find the right one for you or your people. Courses are self-paced, but you’ll be inspired to move quickly to get the results you’re after.

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Become a Dojo Member

The Clear and Open Dojo is a community of like-minded professionals committed to realizing excellence. Get the direct feedback, accountability, and intensive training you need in a challenging and supportive digital setting.

Every great change begins with a personal decision
to no longer accept a problem.

Being serious about professional growth requires being serious about personal growth. You’re courageous enough to pursue your dreams, and not just dream about them, right? The Clear and Open Dojo awaits.

One-on-One Mentoring

Every great leader is surrounded by mentors and advisors. You need someone who sees your strengths and your weaknesses better than you do–someone who keeps you grounded in reality yet on-track to your wildest dreams.

What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

Do you have a deep sense you can be and do more than you are now? Do you feel called to lead at a higher level? What if that call comes from the You you’re destined to become? Have the courage to find out. Don’t wait to discover what you’re capable of.

Manage to Engage – The Clear and Open Podcast

Listen to excerpts from the dojo webcasts and live courses. It’s my truth that with the right attitude and tools, anyone can solve their people, money, and time problems holding them back in business.

I share these webcasts because I want to help you, too, and offer a taste of the Clear and Open Community to the world. Feel free to share.