Sometimes the greatest fear is actually to see what was always there

Is This An Apocalypse?

We think the word “apocalypse” means the end of the world, but this isn’t its original meaning. It comes from Greek meaning “uncovering.” That’s what I see happening now: a great revealing of truth.

I know these are hard times, harder for some than others. It’s with great compassion and a wide heart that I tell you what I see.

I see:

Courageous people acting nobly.

Good leaders becoming great ones.

Well-prepared people taking positive action.

Those who’ve done inner work staying calm and relaxed.

Strong businesses seizing and creating opportunities.

I also see:

Chronically overwhelmed people become acutely overwhelmed.

Bad leaders get worse.

People who already lived in survival mode downshift into crisis.

Poor money managers panicking.

Irresponsible people become more so.

Please understand, I know the situation is challenging. It’s also the best excuse many of us have ever had. It’s tempting to use it, but focusing on what you can’t control and collapsing won’t help. 

When the economy recovers, and it will, those left standing will be the ones who didn’t use the excuse. In one way, this apocalypse, this great revealing, is a test to show each of us who we are. What do you see? Look without judgment as best you can.

One of the reasons we came to think of “apocalypse” as the end of the world is because a challenging revelation can create the end of aspects of your inner world. 

You may have had the experience of thinking of yourself a certain way and discovering you were mistaken. These kinds of realizations often come with loss: loss of jobs, relationships, money, etc. 

The United States right now is uncovering how unprepared it was for a pandemic. This is a good example of what happens when we don’t do the work to proactively see what we’re missing. When we’re not curious, life tends to throw it in our face.

Have you seen that happen in your life?

Meditation is the best way I know to increase awareness so you don’t learn lessons the hard way.

My next live course, Meditation For Awakening, begins April 16 on Thursdays at 11:15 am Pacific Time. Wishing you well with whatever’s revealed to you. May you learn your lessons the easiest way possible.

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