Irresistible Subject Line Designed to Make You Read - April Fool's Day - Clear and Open

Irresistible Subject Line Designed to Make You Read – April Fool’s Day

A great subject line gets at best twenty percent of viewers this far, and you’re met with:

A pithy appeal to one of your biggest problems.

You know the one. I know the one. That way you think, “They understand what it’s like to be me.” And then the volume turns up on that pain just enough so that you want to do something about it.

Because now you can. Here’s the dramatic promise that everything can be different: you have the power, and it’s easier than you think.

Awakened is that little part of you who’s always thought it didn’t have to be this way. And after a little taste of the dream, contrast is created with more words about the pain you’re in. Now you’re left with a gap, a widening choice.

What’s it going to be?

And while you’re thinking about that, here’s an insight or two, maybe a reframe for your problem. “What if it was actually about X, not Y?” You won’t get so much as to completely solve your problem, but enough to whet your appetite and make you want more. You get hungrier to solve the problem.

And to further increase that appetite, it takes away the dream momentarily by challenging you with some kind of exclusion that stimulates the fear of missing out and/or of not being enough. It starts with phrases like, “This only works for people who…” or “For those serious about X…” which gives you pause, causing you to muster your strength to act, and preparing you for the call to action.

Finally, before your attention span wanes, here’s a specific thing you can do that is small enough to be easy but big enough to be minimally valuable, usually involving a click here to learn more. And despite all the effort, the most successful outcomes lead only a few percent to do so.

Happy April Fools Day. This message was about one thing:

Do you need to be persuaded to solve your problems, and if so, what do you make of that?

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