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How Much Do You Care? – A Lesson in Excellence

Excellence is an expression of care. Where there’s a deficit of care, there’s one of competence. Of course, everyone wants to say they care. They know they’re supposed to care, but the truth is shown in actions, not words.

It’s observable that most humans care about their own survival, but what puzzles me is how most humans seem not to care about the survival of the species. I see them as the same thing. As a practical matter, they just are. None of us lives in a vacuum.

The signs of the decline of our civilization is evident to anyone paying attention. Civilizations are built by people hungry for something more and willing to do the work. Civilizations are destroyed by stuffed people clinging to their comfort and no longer willing to work.

Anyone who’s ever fasted knows the clarity of mind, body, and spirit that hunger brings. It heightens your senses, consolidates your energy, and focuses your being.

Are your people hungry? How’s the civilization of your business doing? Are people working toward excellence? Or resting on the accomplishments of yesterday? Or are they so overwhelmed they mostly spin their wheels?

In today’s world, the greatest opportunity for social change is in the realm of business. Business leaders get to where they are because they’re hungry, work hard, and have vision. They have the opportunity to teach those who follow to do the same. The survival of our species may depend on it. How does a leader do this?

It is this question that Clear and Open is dedicated to answering. This is what Clear and Open Members learn, practice, and lead: the principles and qualities necessary for a human being to thrive, and so our entire species. Want to hear more about joining? Click here now.

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