Overwhelmed At Work? It Doesn't Have To Be This Way

Empty Your Cup And Drink

Last week I wrote about The Simplest Path To Employee Engagement. In case you missed it, here’s the punchline: engagement comes when an individual uses their job in their own healthy self-interest to become more the person they want to become. That’s the context. One of the best examples of content you can use to do this is in the realm of self-organization. The majority of people are overwhelmed at work and don’t even realize it. Being overwhelmed at work usually means there’s overwhelm elsewhere in a person’s life; therefore working on it at work is about improving one’s life everywhere and forever. That’s a win/win between an employee and manager.

Stop Being Overwhelmed At Work

In this unique time in our history, where you can check email wherever and whenever, the challenge to overcome being overwhelmed at work has never been greater, nor more important. How we relate to our work and ourselves is the foundation of everything else we do, which is why I created the course Clear Workspace, Open Mind as a methodology to eliminate overwhelm. It’s a critical step in any personal or culture change process. Very simply:

Excellence requires change.

Change requires open-mindedness.

Open-mindedness can’t coexist with overwhelm because you’re already full.

Trying to grow when you’re overwhelmed is like trying to pour one full cup of tea into another one. The learning can’t go in and only makes a mess. This is why I have all my clients and members begin with Clear Workspace, Open Mind.

Empty your cup. You can enroll in just the course or enjoy it as part of the many benefits of Clear and Open Membership.

Here’s an audio excerpt from a recent member webcast that talks about what I call Organizational Enlightenment: the state of clarity and peace that comes from a serious self-organization practice.

A Special Offer

Finally, let’s have some fun! As a coach, I’ve learned that to serve people best I need to be as enrolled in your goals as you are. Share some of your dreams and goals with me. Tell me what you’re working on in a way that inspires you. The first three people whose dreams inspire me as well can have their first month of Clear and Open Membership for a dollar (because you’ve got to have some skin in the game!)

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