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Kavanaugh hearings, wrong question

Why Struggle Over the Answer if the Question is Wrong?

Before you roll your eyes about yet another Kavanaugh piece, I promise this one is different than anything you’ve read. You’re going to learn something new. If you’ve followed the supreme court confirmation drama, you may have noticed some excuses here and there. Did you use what you’ve learned from my previous pieces? There was…

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excuses semantics

Excuses, Excuses: Semantics

The common phrase, “It’s just semantics” means “We both mean the same thing, we’re just using different words.” In my experience, it’s rarely true, and usually it is a vehicle to ignore subtle and important distinctions. Very often, when one person says to the other “It’s just semantics,” they are often the one missing the…

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mistakes to learn from

Learn from Your Mistakes and You’ll Never Truly Fail

“Someone call 911!” I was in line at the post office last week when I heard this. I’d left my phone in my truck. The person next to me was dialing. Now, I’m not an EMT or anything, but I was a lifeguard for many years. I looked around at the disorientation and panic on…

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startup capital venture investment

Growth for Growth’s Sake is Bullshit

“Growth for growth’s sake is bullshit.” –Brett Sharenow, Broadscope Consulting Why do you want your business to grow? Do you know? We’re conditioned to think that more is always better—especially when it comes to money. But many people don’t realize that growth, done improperly, can destroy a business faster than anything else. Be careful what…

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carousel excuse

Excuses, Excuses: The Carousel

Manager: “How’s it going?” Employee: “Oh, man, I’m dealing with my ex-wife again. Had to bail her out of jail last night again.” M: “Wow, that sounds dramatic.” E: “Ha, never a dull moment with her still in my life, even when she’s not supposed to be. But until our daughter grows up, I guess…

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excuses taking out of context

Excuses, Excuses: Taking Out of Context

Over in my weekly newsletter, I’ve been discussing a series of excuses you’ll often encounter with your employees (or with people in general). I have a whole series of ways in which people avoid accountability. If you’re not already subscribed to the newsletter, you’re missing out on exclusive content that doesn’t get published anywhere else.…

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Path to success is failure

To Succeed, Do It Badly at First

I’ve had a number of conversations with my clients recently that sound kind of like this: Me: So how are your development meetings with your employees going? Client: Um, yeah, I’m kinda not doing those. Me: Okay, why not? Client: Well, I just don’t feel like I know how to do it yet. Me: What’s…

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