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Should You Try Harder? Or Softer?

I want to share with you the strange but true tale of how one of my biggest dreams came true. There’s a lot of teaching out there about manifestation—intentionality, goal-setting, and planning for dreams, actively going after them. Often overlooked and underappreciated in that teaching is the art of letting go, which is just as…

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You Can't Change Business Culture - Clear and Open

How to Fix Things When “Tried and True” Aren’t Working for You

Last week in my newsletter, I told a crazy story about egg counting, and it prompted a former client (let’s call him “George”) to get in touch with me. He called me late in the evening, eager to talk about a project he wanted me to work on. “So I started thinking,” he said. “How…

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what lies do you allow people to tell you

What LIES are you allowing people to tell you?

You’ve probably heard of Fight/Flight/Freeze—the catchier nicknames used to describe the Acute Stress Response. Today I want to share with you a story about a fourth response that I see happening in business settings: Appease. It deserves special attention, especially as it relates to employee engagement. Appease is the most subtle and dangerous stress response…

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getting out of your own way

Getting Out of Your Own Way

“We’re closing down the location.” The words always make me smile. I’ve heard them dozens of times, and it’s almost always good news. This time it was Frank (let’s call him that), one of my Clear and Open Members. He was sober and pleased. “But why now?” he almost demanded. “Why did I suddenly realize…

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work-life balance myth

Work-Life Balance is Just a MYTH

Do you want to improve your work-life balance? You’re not alone. Google it, and you’ll get over 600 million results on the phrase. Many people want to help you with it, and I’m one of them. Most of the advice you hear about how to achieve work-life balance—meditate, unplug, let go of perfectionism, exercise, etc—is…

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leadership values and engagement

More than likely, your values stink

As someone who has been obsessed with truth, beliefs, and values since I was about twelve, I feel qualified to tell you: Your values probably stink. Now, if that didn’t raise your hackles, bear with me. Most leaders, including you, don’t have a clue where to start when creating their company values. And without a…

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The price you pay for truth is the falsity you must forever leave behind

Caution: This Post May Offend You

The following may offend you—if you feel strongly about your right to not be offended. One of the reasons accountability in business languishes these days is because of how political correctness has gone too far in our world. Please don’t get me wrong: I’m a sensitive person with high standards for maturity and respect. Political…

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