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What You Missed In High School About Management - Clear and Open

What You Missed In High School About Management

Talk to any manager long enough and you’ll hear them say something like, “I can’t get my people to….” While I’m prone to rant about the deficiencies of our education system, there’s something most of us already learned that can help. In high school social studies, you probably came across Kohlberg’s Theory of Moral Development.…

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Truth as an Asset - Clear and Open

Truth as an Asset

What is your company’s most important asset? Your people? Your brand? Your intellectual property? What if it’s none of these things? What if the most important assert were your culture’s relationship to truth? By this I mean, generally speaking, how honest people are with themselves and others. Honesty is a quality that people tend to…

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What Managers Fear the Worst - Clear and Open

What Managers Fear the Most

Right now, somewhere in you, you are suffering. And part of that pain is inevitably a resistance to change. Here, I’m going to tell you the most-resisted change that keeps leaders and managers from success. Your relationship to change and the way your people relate to change is the most important asset you have. It…

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Holding Employees Accountable - Blame Descartes

Holding Employees Accountable – Blame Descartes

“I think therefore I am.” Most people have heard this pithy piece of philosophy, but have little idea what it means, much less how it sowed the seeds for myriad management problems. Today, you get to blame the 17th-century French philosopher who coined the phrase, René Descartes, for all your troubles. By understanding what he…

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The Freedom Paradox - Millennials in Business

The Freedom Paradox – Millennials in Business

Accountability has been an issue for humans for a long time, but it’s recently becoming stickier for a reason that may make you roll your eyes: Millennials. Hold on, I’m not running them down like so many do. Everything has a light side and a shadow. Generally speaking, millennials are entrepreneurial, highly creative, incredibly positive,…

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Irresistible Subject Line Designed to Make You Read - April Fool's Day - Clear and Open

Irresistible Subject Line Designed to Make You Read – April Fool’s Day

A great subject line gets at best twenty percent of viewers this far, and you’re met with: A pithy appeal to one of your biggest problems. You know the one. I know the one. That way you think, “They understand what it’s like to be me.” And then the volume turns up on that pain…

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You Can't Change Business Culture - Clear and Open

You Can’t Change Business Culture

Besides in hearts and minds? More than ever in our history people talk about “improving culture” in and outside of business. Unfortunately, it can’t be done, so there’s a great deal of wasted effort and stagnation. I’ll explain. There’s no such thing as culture, strictly speaking. A culture is the result of a group of…

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