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People Problems Solved with Good Accountability - Clear and Open

Accountability Begins with a Whisper

I often hear owners/managers say: “There are no good people out there to hire.” “My people don’t care as much as I do.” “My people won’t do what they’re told.” People problems are among the top three biggest complaints among managers next to money and time. I’ve heard the same frustrations for fifteen years, and…

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Overwhelm and the Seduction of the Pursuit of Happiness - Clear and Open

The False Seduction of Happiness (Part 2/2)

In last week’s article, I asked you to complete the sentence “I will be happy when…” as many times as you could and I promised you a breakthrough. Here’s a hint: it’s about overwhelm. This is where you have that breakthrough, but it won’t work if you haven’t yet done the assignment. Don’t read on…

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Mentoring Begins With Managing Yourself and Your Fulfillment - Clear and Open

Is Happiness Closer Than You Think? (Part 1/2)

Professional, ambitious people want growth because growth is their road to happiness. That’s why they seek mentoring and coaching. But what if there’s a way you’ve been seeking growth and happiness that actually pushes it away? What if you could use less effort to get more of what you want, by mentoring yourself? Here’s a…

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Get Organized To Achieve Your Dreams - Clear and Open

Organizational Enlightenment

We’ve all tried to help someone see a blind spot, even if you’re not a coach like I am. It’s often not easy. You can probably relate: Client: Can you help me run faster? Coach: Sure. What ideas do you have for getting that result? Client: Do you have a system that can help? Like…

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The Sun Still Shines - Employee Mentoring - Clear and Open

The Sun Still Shines

One of my clients was only 40% of the way through my new course, Clear Workspace, Open Mind and he literally got an entire day’s work done by 9:30 am as a result. He was in amazed disbelief. How is this possible? What did he do? He saw through the clouds. I promise I’ll explain.…

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The Responsibility Paradox - Clear and Open

The Responsibility Paradox

I know you want more time. And everybody wants time management tips, and they can help a little. But can you muster the strength and courage to look at the root issue? I think you can. The relationship between time management and responsibility is not often talked about, but it’s the link that is the…

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Why You Don’t Have Time For This - Clear and Open

Why You Don’t Have Time For This

“I don’t have time.” You hear it every day. Maybe you say it yourself. We talk about the scarcity of time as often as we do the weather. You can’t change the weather. But can you get more time with time management skills? Invest a bit more time reading, and you’ll discover that you can….…

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Why? Do I Have To? - Clear and Open

Why? Do I Have To?

When is it okay to question authority? It’s a question that causes a lot of confusion in a business culture. There’s a core belief that’s hard to shake: the idea that you “have” to do whatever your boss tells you. Any manager will say they’d love it if their employees took on more responsibility. Some…

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More Orcs Is Not The Answer - Clear and Open

More Orcs Is Not The Answer

Gothmog, the pig-headed orc general from the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, hires a Clear and Open Mentor following Mordor’s defeat depicted in the final film. Gothmog: “I hope you’ll understand I’m a little grouchier than usual.” Mentor: “Of course, that was a huge loss for your team. Understandable that you’d be upset.” “It’s just…

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The Sun Still Shines - Employee Mentoring - Clear and Open

The Culture Awakens: Darth Vader Meets With Human Resources

Somewhere between the scenes of The Empire Strikes Back, the empire’s vice president of human resources invites Darth Vader to a private meeting to discuss his management style. VP of HR: “Hello, Mr. Vader, thanks for coming, please sit down.” Darth Vader: “I accepted your meeting not knowing what this was about, and this is…

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